Question about sizing?


Hi All,

This is my first post, hopefully youll be able to help!

A friend had a baby prematurely a few months ago and she is now 5 1/2lb. I want to make them some cardigans as a coming home gift but have now way of asking them to measure her chest as it is supposed to be a surprise. I have looked online and it says a 5-6lb baby would be a 12-13 inch chest circumference. My pattern options come with a ‘to fit chest size’ and ‘actual measurement’ - the 3 sizes are…
1)to fit chest 10inch/actual measurement 12inch
2) to fit chest 12inch/actual measurement 14in
3) to fit chest 14inch/actual measurement 16inch

Can anyone advise me which would be best to do? Obviously online it says 12-13inch but would that be chest size or actual measurement?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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There are so many different size estimates online. Here’s a reliable site with somewhat smaller sizes:

If you’re planning on a couple of sweaters, why not make one at the smaller size and one at the largest size, to fit a 14" chest. Hopefully the baby will be growing quickly.

The “to fit chest size” is the measurement of the baby. The actual measurement is the size of the finished sweater.


all excellent advice.

just thought i’d mention: my general rule is when in doubt, to always go with slightly too big over slightly too small, particularly with babies. obviously, babies grow quickly but i always figure that even before they “grow into it,” at least something that’s too big can still be worn, whereas something too small is just useless…