Question about seaming together

Hi Everyone!

I just started knitting about a month ago, so far I have only made scarfs but I found a blanket I want to make. You make 25 squares then seam them together. There is not instructions or patterns for the blanket, I just saw a picture of it. So my questions are:

  1. When making the sqaures do I bind them off when they are completed?
  2. I am planning on seaming them together with different color yarn, do I seam them together as if I am sewing them together?

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to knitting and to KnittingHelp!
Making blanket squares is a great way to practice knitting and learn new stitch patterns.
If you want to seam the squares on all 4 sides, then yes, bind off at the end of a square.
This video has some handy tips and at about the halfway point shows 2 ways to join the squares.

You can also crochet squares together and there are many ways to do that.