Question about picking up stitches

Since I have decided yet again to do something new, I am of course over analyzing the entire thing. On the marsupial tote, when the 44 garter rows are done, and you put the marker on the 16 sts, it wants me to pu stitches on the long side of bag. Do I BO my live stitches? Do I PU stitches with 2 skeins together? I’m lost. Sorry, I am sure it’s obvious, but help!!!


Nope :wink:
Without seeing the pattern, I’m guessing that you should keep your live sts. You pick up sts along the side as a means of adding sts to your existing count. Do you have to pick up sts along each side of the bag?? If you do, I’m thinking you might be knitting in the round… :??

Yes, it the pattern asks for all sides to have stitches picked up on, starting with the long side, and after the 4th marker is places, join the rnd. So one needle is going to have live stitches just hanging out while I work on the sides? Do I use an additional skein?


Yep, you’ll get back to your live sts when you join the round, so leave them be for now. You’ll being working in the round, so there’s no need to add another skein … (unless you actually run out of yarn on the current skein ;)). Check out Amy’s video on joining the round.

HappIE Knitting!

Oh yea!! I see now, thanks so much!!!