Question about pattern


I’m knitting a sweater and I’m at the “Shape Neck” part. I knit the back and the sleeves, and I will have to knit across 32 stitches, place 15 stitches on holder, and knit last 32 stitches. I am confused about this next part:

Work even in pattern on both sides at once for 4 rows. Then at each neck edge cast on 9 stitches (41 stitches each side)

I understand that the middle 15 stitches will be on the holder. When it says work on both sides at once for 4 rows, what does this mean?

Thank you!

By putting the sts on a holder you’ve split the piece into the two shoulders. So ‘both sides’ means work on both shoulders as if they were all the way across, but you’ll use another end of yarn for one of them. You have just knit 32, put 15 on the holder and knit 32. Turn and work across 32 sts, drop the yarn, pick up another yarn and work back across the other 32 sts. Turn and repeat for 3 more rows. Then on the row after that, cast on 9 sts at the neck edge (where the sts are on a holderer) when you finish that shoulder, drop the yarn and cast on 9 sts to the other holder and finish that row.

Wow! I’m glad I asked! I see now that it says I have to join another ball of yarn!! I’m such a newbie that I’m nervous to keep going, but I guess I’ll try! I’ll just have to check out the video on how to join yarn. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You would just start knitting with the new end of yarn, leave a long enough tail to weave in. It won’t pull out, promise.

I see! Makes it less confusing. I didn’t see how, when joining yarn to the original, I would have 2 different yarns to knit from. I am nervous, but I will try to just knit from a new end. Thank you!

Just try it and it will be less confusing when you get there. Your piece will be split into 2 shoulders separated by the neck sts on their holder. Each shoulder has its own yarn so you don’t have a strand across the neck.

Makes sense! It will be my first time knitting with 2 different balls of yarn, but I’m eager to try. Thank you again for your help!