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Hi there! I’m new to this site and my first time posting…Hope I’ve got it right :slight_smile:

I’ve just started a sweater (called Jean Paul-ish by Pickles, purchased on Ravelry). The pattern calls for German Short Rows and Raglan increase at the same time. I know how to do German Short Rows and I know how to do Raglan increases. But I’m confused about something. The main direction in question is highlighted in the attached image in red. It says to do an increase one stitch past the 4th marker, and then it says to “knit until you are 2 stitches past the 4th marker”, which if I understand it correctly means I don’t have anything to knit because there aren’t enough increased stitches yet, so I would just do the turn for the German short row. But, if I do that I would be using the increased stitch for the German short row. Am I understanding this correctly?

I will add one more piece of the direction in case this factors in: “Repeat between and to turn 5 times in each side, but for each repetition work 2 sts past where you last turned.” I assume I would only do this after the initial turn?

I hope this question makes sense and that someone can assist!


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Welcome to KH!

You have 4 markers: the 1st between the front and right sleeve, the 2nd between the right sleeve and the back, the 3rd between the back and the left sleeve and the 4th between the left sleeve and the front. Work your increase on the front stitches, one stitch past marker 4, then knit one stitch more and turn. You will be making the increase after marker 4 and then turning after the next stitch. All of this is on the front stitches. You’ll be using the stitch after the increase for the turn.

For each turn (not just the initial turn) you will be turning 2sts past the previous turn.

Thank you for the response! So, do I have this right - after marker 4 I knit one, increase, then knit two and turn for the german short row? Or am I still confused…

For this first turn after the 4th marker, the directions are to turn when you are 2sts past the marker. So knit one, increase by M1R then knit one more stitch and turn. For all subsequent turns, you’ll be knitting 2sts past the last turn.

Ok! I will try that! Thank you so much!

I notice in the comments on Ravelry that some knitters had trouble with the Make 1 increases every row. It sometimes helps to add in a yarn over to add in a bit more yarn in the place where the next Make 1 will occur. It may also help to use a much smaller dpn or other needle tip to pick up the strand for the Make 1. Knit the strand with the working needle and the extra needle is no longer needed.
See how it goes. You may not have any difficulties here.

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You know, I was looking for comments on Ravelry for that pattern and couldn’t find it! Thanks for the tip…I think I’m good on the increases it’s just a little confusing doing the increases AND the short rows at the same time. I’m sure I’ll be back if I have more issues! :slight_smile:

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