Question about next step of pattern

Can someone help me with the next step of my pattern? The next step says “bind off 4 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows. Work 2 rows even. Decrease 1 stitch each side on next row, then every other row 2 times more - 61 stitches. That is for the small size, which I am working on. Work even until armhole measures 7 1/4”. Bind off.



You do exactly what they say, step by step.

First bind off 4 and work to the end of that row.

At the beginning of the next row, bind off 4 and finish the row.

You can’t bind off at the end of a row, so you have to do it at the beginning of 2 rows rather than at the beginning and end of one row.

Next work two rows without increasing or decreasing.

On the next 3 right side rows, knit 2 tog at the beginning and end of those rows. You should be down to 61 stitches at this point.

(this takes care of the next row and every other row 2 times)

Then just work back and forth on the 61 stitches until you get the right length.

Okay, I got to the part where on the next 3 RS rows I should be at 61 stitches and I am only at 68. What did I do wrong?


4 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 14

You should have decreased 14 stitches total, from what I can tell. Did you start with 75? :??

Hmm. Did you decrease at each edge?

Did you decrease at both ends of the row?