Question about needles

I ordered what I needed, including needles, for this purse I want to make but while casting on and looking at what I’d need to cast on in further on in the pattern, I noticed I’d need longer needles.

I ordered the 10 inch ones and I know they make 14 inch needles but I still don’t think they’ll be long enough. Do they make longer needles or would I have to use circular needles? I’d really rather not.


Is there are reason you don’t want to use circs? They are sooo versatile, and easier on the hands, in most cases. :smiley:

Well, I’ve never really used the circulars. I think I just like the single points because I’m so used to them. I’d have to buy new circular ones anyway cuz I don’t have the right ones for the pattern.

I’m a straight to circular needle convert. They make it so much easier, and you don’t need the same sizes of both.

Would I just need to get stoppers for the needles or go in the round? I’ve only knit in the round with dpns.

I can’t remember the last time I used straight needles! Once you get used to circs you’ll love them!

If it’s a circular pattern then you join and just go around, if it’s a flat pattern you just knit like you always do…the needles are just connected on one end.

So, I’d need stoppers for the end so the stitches don’t slip off?

you could use them but i never have. when i put the work down i just pull the shafts sort of “out” of the work so that the work is down on the cord and toss it in my bag. whenever i have actually put the point protectors on, they have fallen off in my bag anyway so i don’t bother. as long as the work is down on the cord i have never had problems with it falling off.

I meant while knitting. I’m afraid that the stitches will creep toward the end of the needles and that they’ll accidentally slip off.

I meant while knitting. I’m afraid that the stitches will creep toward the end of the needles and that they’ll accidentally slip off.

The stitches can’t creep off the end of the needles, because you’re holding a needle in each hand, as you would with straights. Just imaging knitting with straights and that there’s a cord connecting the ends. Same thing.

As Ingrid said you don’t need stoppers. The only thing you might want to have are needle tip protectors for when you aren’t knitting.

BTW cord size does matter for circular knitting, but not using them as straights.

I think you’re worried about stitches falling off because you’re picturing using two circular needles, one in each hand. That’s possible too, but not necessary. Just use one circular needle with one needle tip in each hand. Knit back and forth as you usually would, turning your work after each row.

Thanks everyone!! I think I was thinking of it in terms of straight knitting. YAY! I shall begin soon.

Here’s a picture of a project I’m knitting that shows how the circular needle works with a “flat” project.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

That is so pretty!


It’s definitely easier to work on a large project with circular needles, because the needle itself doesn’t have to hold all that weight. The weight of the project sits in your lap, and your hands only have to hold the needles!

It really is easier. I really never use straight needles for anything. Just little DPNs for socks. The rest…circular all the way!

I’m a circ all the way gal too!

I confess, I don’t care for circs. I get annoyed with the cord in the middle and the way it tangles around things. ducks tomatoes I use them for big projects when I have to, but for inbetween kinds of things I really like the Clover flex needles that are 20" long. A little extra length, but flexible so they’re not always poking me in the side or in the eye or in the stomach. :wink: