Question about Magic Loop

I can do it!!!:woot: It seems to be going well.

But I do have one question:
I have to make the area for the drawstring (I’m making the drawstring pouch from “Last Minute Gifts”) I will be YO, slip 1 k2tog, pass slip over; so what if i get to the end of the left needle and the stitch I need is part of the stitches on the loop? Do you just add the next stitch and pull the cord up through the stitch just past it?

That’s what I do; I don’t think there is just one way to do ML. Whatever works, I say!

hey! I used to pull the loop through behind the next stitch I needed, but then I just realized with my last FO - I was doing k2tog and only had one stitch left before the loop - I just pulled the needle so that last stitch slid down back to the other side, since those were the first stitches to be knit on the next go anyway. It was WAY easier than pulling the loop through! And is effectively the same thing! :slight_smile:

Good luck!