Question about knitting while standing in line

I’ve seen quite a few people mention that they knit while waiting in line. I’m just wondering where you put your ball of yarn?

under your armpit?
In a bag?
In your pocket?
In your cleavege? (I guess not if you’re Mason)
between your knees?

I’m not the most…coordinated of people (I can fall off of flip flops, even fall off of my bare feet), and so I can’t imagine knitting while in line. I just know if I did my ball of carefully wound yarn would fall, bounce/roll around the store, I’d go chasing it, probably fall on my face, get up, and found I’ve lost my place in line. While it would give me more knitting time, people would laugh, I’d get all red in the face, it wouldn’t be pretty.

Either in my purse or in a Port-A-Pocket , or a GoKnit Pouch, or a ball holder bracelet. :slight_smile:

ohhhh :drool: that looks like something even I could use successfully. Knitters are such smart people to come up with stuff like that.

I always carry my yarn in a ziplock bag, so that can go under my arm (euphemism for “in my armpit”). I usually have a canvas tote with me too, which carries my purse, umbrella and knitting ziplock. If the bag isn’t too full of other stuff, I can leave the ziplock in the canvas tote and do it that way.

I too keep my yarn in a zip loc baggie inside my nifty canvas bag. I just open the top at one corner just enough so the yarn pulls out easily. Those knitting pouches at KP are awesome! I have to get me one of those!!

I was knitting standing in line at the DMV just a couple of hours ago. I just keep my knitting in my purse and pull it out when i need it. purse is over shoulder so i guess in a way i am carrying it in my arm pit. :teehee:

I ordered some yarn a while back that came in a plastic bag that had a plastic handle/frame on it. I use that bag all the time. It hooks on the levers of my walker or cane. If it rips Ill be lost, but i have been looking at the KP socknitter bags. I love the pink!!!

I carry my knitting in my purse, so I just leave my ball of yarn in my bag and take out my knitting. It works quite nicely :happydance:

in fingerless gloves, I put the ball of yarn in the finished end of the work, or in the bag portion of a purse, and of course its a center pull ball (this could be done with socks, or mittens or leg warmers too)
I also have been known to put a CPB in my shirt pocket

other than that I have between 1-5 bag with me, and anywhere from 1-4 of them will have knitting project in them

let me think on that more