Question about knitting in the round with DPN's

So I started working on Fetching from Knitty. I’ve never knit in the round before, so I’m not sure if I’m doing it exactly right. As I’m knitting the WRONG side is facing outward. Is that right? If not, what did I do wrong? Thanks.

When you are holding your work in your hands, you should have the two needles that you are currently knitting with closest to you. The best description I’ve ever heard is from Ingrid, she says that you should think of it as when you drink from a glass, you drink from the edge closest to your mouth. Same with knitting in the round.

How far into the project are you? I wonder if you took your work now and turned it so you are working in the right direction, whether you would be left with a gap at that spot?

You seem to have it turned so you’re knitting on the inside instead of the outside. Just turn it outside in, then keep knitting.


I tried turning it around and continuing on, but then when I started the cables, the cables were on the inside so it didn’t work. I pulled it out and tried again, because I realized that the first time, I knit the first row, instead of starting the pattern. I thought that might have been the problem. Apparently it was not, because after I started it right, the WS is still facing outward. The inside looks right though. Should I just continue on this way?

You’re still knitting on the inside rather than the outside. It’s ok. Some people do it intentionally that way. Just keep doing what you’re doing and then turn the whole thing inside out when you’re done.

If you really want to knit on the outside, then push the whole thing through the needles but continue with the two working needles close to you. You might have a gap where you start to knit, but you can close that up later on with a tapestry needle.

Any idea WHY I’m knitting on the inside? I followed the pattern. When I joined, I made sure the cast on edges were facing inward. Was that wrong?

I don’t think it’s so much how the cast on is facing, it’s where you’re knitting the stitches.

You’ve got the 3 needles like this /_\ right? The _ needle should be closest to you, with the /\ facing away from you. As you knit, you should see the knit stitches forming on the outside as you knit across the _. I hope that makes some kind of sense.

Heh, not exactly. Here’s a pic of how the needles are when I’m knitting. So should I be making sure the bottom needle is in front of BOTH of the other needles?

So should I be making sure the bottom needle is in front of BOTH of the other needles?

Yes. Turn the work however you need to so the yarn going to the ball/skein is at the right end of the needle on the bottom and you have the right side (cable side) facing you.


Have you had any luck knitting on the outside yet?

No, I haven’t tried it. I’m going to try it for the right hand, but I’ve gotten far enough on this one to where I’m scared to mess it up. :roflhard:

I did the same exact thing when I did my first practice piece on DPN’s… I have no idea how I managed to do it, but when the whole thing was finished, I just turned it inside out and it was fine. :slight_smile: HTH