Question about "Knitting from the Top" by Barbara

If someone who has the book “Knitting from the Top” by Barbara G. Walker could answer a question for me, I’d really appreciate it!

In the book, are the top-down sweaters with set-in, drop-shoulder, raglan, and saddle sleeves all made in one piece to minimize finishing?


Yes, all of those, plus more (sleeveless top, cape/poncho, pants, skirts, I don’t remember what else), with a number of variations given for each basic pattern. :thumbsup:

Didn’t realize there was a whole book on this subject. I have a few patterns in Righetti’s Sweater Design in Plain English, but I’ve never made one. I’d be interested in opinions from those who have tried the Top Down patterns.

The emphasis in Walker’s book is definitely on try-it-on-as-you-go simplicity, whereas the Righetti book requires you to take a lot of measurements and do a bunch of math to get a tailored fit. They’re both good, but for different reasons. I prefer the Walker approach myself. I did the set-in sleeve pullover and it worked out really well.

ooh… i’m going to have to stop at the library and check this one out.

Thanks so much! Sounds like just what I’m looking for! :happydance: