Question about knitting blogs

I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to blogs, what are they exactly?

Online diaries?

What makes a good blog, that people enjoy reading etc.

Thanks :happydance:

A ‘blog’ is just a shoter way of saying ‘web-log’, which as you guessed is kind of like an online diary. However, they are very common among ‘famous’ people. For example, the creator/writer of one of my favourite shows has a weblog where he posts news about the series; production notes, ‘behind the scene’ stuff, et cetera.

Knitting weblogs are also quite popular, as you can see! When it comes to those blogs, what makes them good or not really depends on the readers… some people like the ‘weird knitting story’ stuff, while others like seeing the WIPs and FOs of ‘more advanced’ knitters, and still yet some people love the FAQ’s/Tutorials/Free Patterns these knitters offer.

Frequent updates are a favourate across the board though! What’s the fun in reading a weblog if it only get’s updated like once a month? (…although I still read the weblog of that show with a fair bit of fangirl-ism, and the updates are few and far between when the show isn’t mid-season!)

History of Blogs.

I look for writing style in a blog, plus being interested in a topic. Besides the blogs of my friends I read Neil Gaiman (author), Yarn Harlot (knitter/author), Malcolm Gladwell (writer, author of the Tipping Point and Blink), and I’ve just added Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s blogs to my Google Reader (Clinton hasn’t started updating yet.) I also read the blogs from several webcomics people.