Question about knitted baby clothes

I’ve never knitted baby sweaters, booties or anything like that. Just blankets and bibs. So, I’m wondering how do you choose which size to make? I would make it before the baby is born but I want the baby to be able to wear it for more than just a couple of months.

So should I make my items in the largest size (6-9 months) or what?? How do I know??


I like to make at least the 6-9 months and more often the one year size if it’s available. Babies grow so fast that you’re right, you’d like to knit something that will last more the a couple of months.


Also, what yarn do u use most often for baby clothing?? I have to stick with acrylics or plant based fibers due to allergies. Any hints/tips??


I’ve used almost everything from aran to worsted weight and even one memorable sweater in fingering. Right now I’m tending toward DK weight. I avoid chunky but that’s more a personal preference.
I like a plain yarn as opposed to one with metallic threads, eyelash, sequins etc. Yarns like Encore (25% wool) and Vanna’s Choice work well and are easily washed. Plymouth Jeannee is a nice, soft cotton/acrylic.

Hello again!!!

Now I’m wondering which book(s) do u like to use for baby patterns? Or I should ask “which book(s) do u recommend for someone who has knitted a lot of blankets but hardly any clothing”???


I mostly use Ravelry for patterns. An advanced search makes it so easy to specify age, style, yarn weight and knitting level in pattern searches. The searches aren’t perfect but usually work out with a happy result.

Most people use 100% cotton yarn for baby items, because it’s not allergenic. The SOFTEST cotton yarn I’ve found is Rainbow Cotton by Hobbii in Denmark. It comes in three sizes - fingering (8/4), sport (8/6), and DK/Light Worsted (8/8). And it comes in over 100 colors.

I knit a lot of baby clothes and almost always knit newborn sizes. I remember when min children were born I was so happy to have knits that actually fit instead of having to roll up the sleeves. I sometimes do 3 - 6 month sizes too. It depends on the time of year and when the baby will use knitted things.