Question about K2 tbl

The pattern I am beginning says to K2 tbl. I know that tbl means through back of loop, but am I supposed to knit one stitch through back of loop and then knit a second stitch through back of loop, or am I suppposed to knit two together through back of loop? The pattern calls for “K2 tbl, p1” and repeat for four rounds. This is the bottom of a tank sweater. If I were knitting 2 together that many times it seems like it would be a pretty small sweater, but I don’t want to start and restart a bunch of times to figure it out. Does anyone know what k2 tbl means? Molly

:smiley: It means to k2together thru the back loop; Amy has demonstrated this decrease, you can find it under the “Abbreviations” tab on the upper right of the page.

I’m thinking, in this case, that it means knit two stitches seperately through back loop, then purl 1 and repeat. In other words, no decreases. If it was meant to knit the two together it would say k2tog tbl. Especially considering this is the bottom of a tank.

I have to agree with Knitqueen. Since there are no corresponding increases, you’d end up with a pretty small sweater hem. :wink: