Question about Jury Duty and Knitting


I must go down to the Kent Regional Justice Center/King County Superior Court on FEB 19th…to report for JURY DUTY.

As you know…there can be endless hours of waitin’ to be selected, or NOT selected.

“Everyone will pass through Security Screening. Scissors, guns, knives, mace and anything else that could be used as a weapon are prohibited.”

Does this mean that the usual TSA Security Guidelines are applicable? If so, knitting is allowed.

What is your experience with getting your knitting through security in a courthouse?

I dread the thought of an 8 hour day with nothing to do.

Can you bring a laptop into the JURY SELECTION room?

I know it would be unethical to knit WHILE ON JURY DUTY…but…the hours and hours of waitin’ to be selected/called is horrid.

I’d try maybe calling the courthouse, but be prepared to surrender them if they object.

I agree, you had better call the courthouse, and perhaps think of taking bamboo needles or resin needles with you that day so you don’t set off the metal detectors you are going to have to pass through to gain entry into the courtroom.

I’m in CA and I had jury duty last year. They allowed me to bring knitting and a laptop. but i believe each jurisdiction is different. (i hear texas still allows guns for attorneys) but I had to put the knitting away once i got called into the courtroom

I did a ton of calling…and calling…can’t get through to a soul.
I also did a ton of digging through their website…and found this prime piece of nothin’ under Jury Duty FAQ’S:

[COLOR=Blue][B]What can I bring with me to jury duty?[/B]
“The ideal item to bring with you is a book or a magazine, [I]although[/I] [I]sometimes[/I] the court will restrict newspapers or magazines containing information that may relate to an upcoming trial. Many courts will allow you to bring a laptop computer, but [I]may not[/I] allow a pager or cell phone. Because security is taken very seriously, you [I]may[/I] find that everyday items like penknives, knitting needles, scissors, or metal nail files cannot be brought into the court facility. Check with your local court [I]to confirm[/I] what you may bring with you.”

[COLOR=Black]So, I am back where I started. Don’t know for certain. Well, RJC is walking distance from me…I’ll have to go down there I guess, bringing my innocuous looking bamboo circs with me…and ask: is THIS ok? (won’t be bringing Harmony’s for sure!)

Thanks for your help!


I live in Tacoma / Pierce County, WA. I have been on jury duty twice. I brought my knitting with my both time without any problems. There were other ladies there that brought their knitting / crocheting as well. It is a great conversion starter, and a constructive way to pass the time.


Have you tried asking an attorney?

I had jury duty in Bexar County, Texas last summer. We were specifically instructed to NOT bring knitting needles or crochet hooks. Basically, we were allowed to bring books. That’s it.

Oh thank you Mrsmcg! I truly appreciate that news! :cheering:
I might just go ahead and give it a try! I’ll take some inexpensive bamboo circs…if they take them…I think they’ll give’em back…but I won’t have to fret over my “babies”…such as OPTIONS!

Last time I called our County Seat to see if I could bring my knitting needles in, and the operator told me it depended what guard was at the jury pool door that day. Don’t get me started.

LOL. I would just bring a project which you wouldn’t mind if it got confiscated…some scarf on cheap needles, rather than your nearly finished Tilted Duster on Knitpicks Options :wink:

LOl No one is answering the phones cause the snow is wreaking havoc around here ArtLady. All those people probably didnt get into work today. Snow falling still out here in Maple Valley. Going to be another nasty morning tomorrow.


I was able to take in my project on my Denise’s, but they got the folding sissors I forgot about - but they let me take them to my car during break. it was ok to knit in waiting area, but not if called to courtroom.

ugh! You just reminded me that I’m in the pool for the next 6 months…and what’s weird? I’m in Kent County Court District…it was way too ominous for me…Now I’ll probably get called up…

Time to get the Clover necklace thing that Knitpicks sells…smiles It is really great…Don’t know if they would take it or not…it doesn’t really have any harmful blades…

Yeah, I got one of those back when the airlines were having hissing fits about scissors.

I finally started taking round-tipped baby fingernail scissors. They passed TSA Security checks. I wore them around my neck on a chain…so I could just put them in the X-ray tray thing.
No problems.

I have Jury Duty on Tuesday. “Surely,” I thought, “I can take some knitting for times when we are just sitting in the hall, waiting.” After reading some of the comments here, I checked my county website, and they specifically stated: “Pointed items, such as pocket knives or knitting needles, are not permitted in the courthouse. Anything considered to be a weapon or that is deemed unacceptable by the security staff will be confiscated.” So maybe I’ll take a notebook and some graph paper and work on a quilt design. Maybe try to take a crochet hook, which I don’t think it pointed.

I’m in CA and they don’t allow knitting at least in Orange County. I’ve hard that crochet is okay though I haven’t tested it. And I hope I never have to because I HATE jury duty!!!

Anyway, I just bring my Kindle and iPad. Near me the courthouses show movies, too. Anything that keeps you busy.

In my county in Maryland, you can bring wooden knitting and crochet needles. I just bring a book.