Question about FT clogs

Do they stay on your feet pretty well or do you have to shuffle a lot? Are they fairly stiff once felted? About how much do they cost to make in the recommended yarn? Thanks!!

You felt them until they fit you well, so no, you dont have to shuffle. They are NOT stiff…they are wonderful and comfy! Feels like you are walking on well-padded carpet. Ive made all of mine out of WOTA for about 10 bucks a pair, depending on size. This pattern is GENIOUS!

Hello, I have never seen these clogs before and they look really comfortable. Would you mind telling me where I can get the pattern for them??


Check out the Knitalong for pattern sources, yarn subs, etc!

Thankyou!!! :happydance: I found a pattern so will have a go at this!!! They look great - hope I can do it :??

This is a great place :happydance:

YOU CAN DO IT!! There is a thread in the knit-along section for the clogs- if you have any problems, just ask!! It is a really fun pattern. :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone!!