Question about felting

I am felting my 1st project, it’s the “Natural Coffee Cozie to Knit”
and in the felting instructions it says to use 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the washer. Do I have to use baking soda? It seems that all the instructions I’ve read here on KH and elsewhere there is no mention of baking soda. Thanks in advance for any help.

I had one pattern that said that, too. I’ve done it both ways and can’t notice any difference. I even asked the same question on here.

I’ve been felting a lot and have never used baking soda. Everything turns out great.

In my experience there are two factors that figure in to good felting: the hot/cold water extremes “shocks” the fibers back to their naturally curly condition causing them to pull in on themselves and agitation – which helps to work the water into the fibers.

I’ve been felting some and have never used baking soda; I think it has more to do with the yarn and water tempuratures than soap and baking soda. JMO.