Question about creating your own patterns

I’ve been making dishcloths and was thinking it might be fun to make my own design. Is there a website that helps you learn how to do this properly? I’m sure I could fool around with it, but it would be nice to have some basic help. I’ve tried searching, but so far came up with nothing.

BTW I’ve checked the site with the graph paper, but it’s mainly for intarsia patterns and not really helpful it seems for something as simple as a dishcloth. :lol:

For a dishcloth design, you could really get away with pulling out a stitch dictionary and just start swatching your favorite stitch patterns.
Once you finish your swatch, you can measure your gauge…and then you can start designing. As a bonus, your swatch is already a dish cloth :slight_smile:

This is why stitchionarys are so great!

That is a good idea, Foldedbird. I’ll have to put one of those stitch dictionarys on my “wish list” for Christmas. Thanks!

As far as writing a pattern in the proper ‘standarized’ format, I was told that the 2 magazines that are best for this are Vogue Knitting and Family Circle Easy Knitting. I found this to be true because having never written a pattern (correctly, that is;) ) when mine was sent in for publication not a word, or comma, etc was changed & that was thanks to my friend that was my pattern ‘tester’ and the fact that she guided me to the correct place to find the ‘industry standard’ in pattern writing.
So, after you have your design and all of your notes, if you have one of these magazines available, I might suggest looking over the patterns for guidance :smiley: …it helped me :wink: