Question about cowl again!

Hi everyone, okay so I skipped slipping the first stitches as suggested and I ended up doing a normal cast on, I guess i can live with a seam. But now i think i have another problem. Th pattern reads: [B]Rows 1-10 [/B]slip first st on each row and stockinette st remaining stitches(knit odd rows, purl even rows)
[B]Row 11[/B]: slip 1st st, k2, slip 8 onto cable(hold in front), k8, k cable, k 20, slip 8 onto cable(hold in front), k8, k cable, k3
[B]Row 12-24:[/B] slip 1st st on each row and stockinette st remaining stitches(same as rows 1-10)
I started going and realized on row 13 that on the right side i now had the bumps on the side with all the v shaped stitches and there were v shaped sts on the other side with all the bumps. Row 12 should have been purl right and row 13 knit? i hope someone can help!

Yes, there should have been purl sts on row 12 and row 13 is knit. When a pattern says to continue in stockinette stitch, that doesn’t always mean the next row is knit and the following row is purl. You have to see where you are in the pattern, and if you’ve just done a row that was knit (row 11) the next row will be a purl, then a knit row and so on. So you need to back out what you did so that you can redo row 12 as a purl row.

Thank you! Yeah I figured since the cable row(11) had knits then I was correct in assuming row 12 would be purl. I ended up even taking out row 11. Man that was not easy, knitting 8 on the cable was hard and boy so was backing out of them haa haa! I will try again tomorrow when my wrist hopefully feels better!Thank you again Sue!