Question about circs.... HELP?

I have a question about knitting on circulars. I am making the Memaw’s Tote in the SnB book. I was cruising along on it and then stopped to do other projects for like 2.5 months. Well, now I am back and confused. I am knitting it like the pattern says, but it is now purled on the outside of the bag and knitted on the inside. Is this the way it stays when I am done and ready to felt or am I to turn inside out so the knit side is on the outside and the purl side is on the inside??? Confused! :thinking:

I don’t have the pattern, so I don’t know if that’s the way it’s supposed to be done. I’ve done a felted bag where it was purled on the outside, so maybe it’s supposed to be that way. But… if you’re confused, it’s probably not. I’m guessing you’re knitting, not purling?

In that case, I think you’re knitting on the inside of the bag. When you hold your work, the needles should be on the side nearest to you, with the bag facing away. That way you’re knitting on the outside.

You could always felt it and see which side you like better. I did that with one of mine…I think it looks fun with the purl side out.

From the picture I’d say it was knit side outwards, but you could use any side you liked really, so long as the pouch is attached in the right spot after!

Just felt the bag and see which way you like it!

when you picked it up you might have turned it around accidently. the needles should be close to you with the cable far away, not the other way around.

also… depending on how much you felt it you can’t tell which side is the purl side and which side is the knit side :wink:

Thanks everyone for their help! I have the needles furthest away from me and the loop closest to me, so I do have it backwards. Yikes! I guess I will just see how it finishes after it felts, but I think it will be okay, even if it is wrong side out. I don’t remember learning that when I learned circulars. Now, I just can’t wait to finish and felt it and see what it will look like.

well, you really could just turn it right side out once you’re done. and if youu have a purl strip in the middle of the knit, who cares? Just tell everyone youdid it on purpose… artistic license and all that.