Question about casting on

I am very new to knitting and loving it so far, except I have restarted the same scarf 5 times after today. Adding stitches, loosened my stitches, you name it, I have had the problem. LOL!

My question is this:

When I cast on (long tail) 20 stiches, I end up with 21 loops to knit? Is that correct, should I really only cast on 19 stitches if I want it 20 stitches?

the first motion of a long tail cast on gives you two loops rather than 1 these are two individiual stitches and should be counted as so. you continue casting on until there are 20 stitches total on your needle and you treat every one as an individual stitch to be worked.

Count the sts on your needle, not how many times you put a new st on - the slip knot or the loop is counted as a stitch.

Aaaaack, I read just the opposite somewhere else on this forum. I don’t remember where. It said that the first long tail cast on counts as one stitch. I’ve been doing it wrong all along? :hair:

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!! You sound so frustrated! I don’t know where you read to count those as one stitch, but I always count them separately. I guess if you were going to knit them together then you could count them as 1. But, I always just knit them separately - 2 loops on the needle - 2 stitches.

Sorry that you have gotten confusing information!!!

Yes, I’ve been knitting them together and counting them as one. I didn’t think it looked as if I had made a mistake so I didn’t question it. For the few things I’ve made so far, I’ve mostly used the crochet cast on, I think. Hard to tell since I’ve frogged so many things and started again, lol. I’m a little frustrated but I’ll get over it. Stranger things have happened with my knitting! :teehee:

It said that the first long tail cast on counts as one stitch.

I think that meant the first loop counts as a stitch. Or it might have said that the LT cast on counts as your first row. It doesn’t by the way, just knit the first row of the pattern.

I probably just read it wrong. Anyhow, I’m glad I found the right way to do it. :slight_smile:

Glad I found this thread, as it is exactly the question I had. But how do you knit that first loop? (first loop of the cast-on, last loop as you knit your first row) It is just a loop, no stitch below it, at least that’s the way it comes out for me. . .

The other cast on sts don’t have stitch below either; you just knit it like the rest of them.

Well, the video for long-tail makes a point of saying that you have “knit” one row by casting on this way. But they don’t deal with that first loop, which doesn’t have a stitch beneath it. I’m knitting that loop just like the rest, but it seems to create an uneven finish to that corner – slants down instead of being square. I’m probably worrying too much, considering how the rest of my knitting looks!

It should even out more and not be as noticeable after a few more rows.