Question About All In One Purse - Pursenalities Plus Book

Good Morning,

I am about ready to start (again) the All in One purse that is featured in the Pursenalities Plus book. I started the purse on Sunday and was successful until I got to the point of the handles via “One Row Buttonholes” and the “Needle Cast On” and then it turned into a twisted, knotted and tangled mess! Can someone help me out?

I was thinking of starting this as a thread in the “Knit Along” area. I just finished another purse from this series of books and was successful, so that is why I am ready to try another one!


I haven’t done the purse, but if you want to describe where you’re having the problem, I could try to help.

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you!

The last step before the handles is purl one round and then knit 10 and make opening for handles referring to “one row buttonholes” and working BO 25 stitches and CO 25 stitches, knit 20, bind off 25 stitches and cast on 25 stitches as before, knit 10.

I think I am running into problems with carrying the yarn along while doing the one row buttohole sequence - slip stitch purlwise and bind off. Do I continue to carry that yarn along, or do I drop it? I don’t know if I am being clear…I apologize if I am not.

Thank you!


I’d never heard of this method, but I found perfect directions!

Thank you - I think that will be helpful. I think I am also getting thrown off by the term “turn,” since I am working with circular needles - it doesn’t seem logical to have to “turn,” but perhaps it’s necessary! I definitely didn’t turn the work when I was working on it yesterday, so perhaps that was my problem because I seemed to understand everything else.

I’ll have to give it another try!


Yes, sometimes you do turn with circs, for special stitches like this or short rows.