Question about a sweater pattern

I bought a sweater pattern from knitting pure and simple and it is done in the round and I would like to change the rolled neck to a turtleneck and the sleeves to ribbing is that easy to do?

The sleeves are extrememely easy to do. When you get to where the ribbing should be, just switch to a needle a couple of sizes smaller and rib (if it’s from the top down) or do that in reverse if its from the bottom up.

The neck should be relatively simple, too. I just did the opposite–took a ribbed crew neck and just knit stockinette to get a rolled edge. In order for the turtle neck not to start up too high, you might want to look at a similar pattern and see how far down in the front you should shape the neck to accommodate the collar. :thinking:

Thanks Ingrid what if I wanted to also put a cable down the middle is that simple too?

You can put a cable down the middle, but I believe that you have to add a few extra stitches where the cable is to allow for the pulling-in factor.

Great questions! I was wondering, too. I just bought the kids version of the rolled neck sweater and am making it according to pattern this time, but would like to give the ribbing/cabling a try next time. Thanks for the hints, Ingrid. :heart: