Queen annes lace

Over the years I’ve tried to knit this but I can never get passed row 31.the pattern states to move marker 1 st to the right for the double decrease but it only works out for the first decrease then it all goes to hell. Does anyone have the pattern queen of the earth scarf and stole by queen annes lace? They could maybe shed some light on this for me? I’m really frusterated. I just can’t make it work.the stitched are really easy so I can’t figure out why this isn’t working.thx all.

The scarf and stole are knit flat rather than in the round so it may not help as you don’t have a beg of round marker.

Have you check Mmario’s Ravelry group? I know there’s some threads there about QAL and moving the marker is often asked about. There’s an ongoing KAL for it too.

I checked it out but he doesn’t have anything on the pattern I’m. Working with.lots of other QAL stuff. Thanks tho

Then try the yahoo group - it’s worth signing up for. I know I’ve seen this question come up before, I just don’t remember the answers. You can search the messages there.

Ok thanks!