Quality yarn, washable, with lasting beauty for afghan?

Hi! I’m working up to doing an afghan and I’ve been wondering about this.

We’ve had handknit afghans given to us as gifts and they’re BEAUTIFUL, but after one year of washing they’re not so pretty anymore. It’s seems sad that they get so wrecked. We use them a lot. I saw my sister’s - she doesn’t use hers and it still looks brand new and I felt kind of bad about using mine then. My mom made them for us so they’re special and irreplaceable. I want people to use the one I’m going to make. But…

Do you have recommendations for thick, soft, afghan yarn that will stand the test of time and not turn into a big wad of fuzz??? What kind of yarn would be best?

i prefer wool, but haven’t washed mine enough to know whether it has staying power…

for frequent washes, though, i would guess cotton or some sort of acrylic blend would work best… or perhaps hemp, if you could find a variety that was soft enough to cuddle in!

My grandma crocheted loads of afghans, and they’ve held up really well.

She’s gone now, and I can’t ask her, but I don’t need to ask to know that it was just cheap-o acrylic–most likely Red Heart Supersaver if it was around back then. Some of the afghans are softer than others (from use and washing, most likely), but you really don’t need an afghan to be as soft as, say, a sweater. You’ll either cuddle with it on the couch or have it over a sheet, so it doesn’t need to be “next to the skin” soft.

I really like Caron’s Simply Soft, and am thinking about starting an afghan out of it. The colors are pretty, it IS next to the skin soft, and it’s easy to care for. It’s also nice to knit with, unlike the Red Heart. (I could deal with using a Red Heart blanket as a blanket. I could not knit with it, though.)

I’ve made them out of Caron Simply Soft and they last well. I have also made them out of the hated Homespun and they last well too.

plymouth encore has 25% wool/75% acryclic, is machine washable and appears to stand up to repeated washings.

Frankly, I wouldn’t use wool on an afghan unless it was washable and soft. Can you imagine handwashing an afghan? :passedout: A washable wool blend would probably be a very durable though.

I second Encore. Washable, durable and has lots of pretty colors.

I have a couple crocheted ones and they have lasted for 8 or 9 years. They are made from Red Heart. As upleasant as it is to work with, I don’t think anything wears harder than Red Heart. I’ve read about Caron SS pilling in garments, but don’t know about blankets.

Thank you very much ladies!