Q for those who find wool itchy

I’m considering knitting the RibbyCardi, but I’m a bit reluctant to buy the recommended wool. My problem is, wool is itchy. 100% acrylic is itchy. The Plymouth Encore I’m using (75% Acrylic, 25% wool) is even a bit itchy when I put it against my skin. I’m not sure if its the wool or acrylic that’s making it itchy. I know it’s a subjective opinion, but first, for those of you who have used the Peruvian Highland Wool, do you find it itchy at all? I’ve read recommendations to use Merino Wool, which is a lot softer. I recently fell in love with Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino, but the cost isn’t that great, and I’ve heard that it pills?

So any recommendations would be great! Here is the link to the RibbyCardi if you haven’t seen it yet.

You may want to try an extra-fine merino. Jaeger has a REALLY nice one…not itchy at all!

Alpaca’s nice and soft, too.

I agree with Ingrid…alpaca is faaaaaaabulous. Not one bit of itch. :thumbsup:

Are you wearing it close to your skin?

Lion Brand has a nice Wool-Acrylic brand that isn’t itchy at all, and extremely washable. The colours are wonderful and rich as well. It’s called Wool-Ease.

That pattern looks almost exactly like a sweater that I just bought!

I’ll look into those, thank you! I usually wear short sleeve shirts, so yes, it would be close to my skin.


There’s also an acrylic that is soft called TLC. It has a picture of a cat on it. You can find it at Joanne Fabrics or Micheal or any other type of craft store. Fairly inexpensive too.

Yup. Made by Coats and Clark, the same people who make Red Heart yarns. You might check out their Red Heart stuff too, they have a lot of super-soft acrylics.

I heard that you can use creamrinse and is won’t be as itcy. I’m knitting a scarf now and will try the creamrinse after I’ve finished it. I will post my findings, however, it takes me forever to finish a project.