Q about toe up sock

I’m using this pattern on Ml:


I have a total of 64 swtitches, 32 on each needle and am starting o shape the heel. When it says to repeat these 2 rows…until you have about 15%-20% of the stitches on eht needle unworked, what exactly does that mean? I’ve figured out that 15-20% of 32 is about 6, but does “unworked” refer to the stitches on the end, i.e. 3 on each end, or what?
I hope this question makes enough sense for someone to understand it. Thanks.

It means the stitches that haven’t been worked in the middle so, say, for example, you start off with 30 stitches, you might want to leave around 8-10 stitches unworked in the middle depending on the width of your heel, (as you want it to be comfortable when worn).

The unworked stitches will form the centre of the cup which your heel will sit in, the other stitches will have the short-row shaping which will come together as you work them to form the sides of the heel.

Does that help?

It does - thanks so much!! I was afraid to trust myself, thinking that if they meant unwrapped, they would have said unwrapped.