Puzzle sites

I’m needing things to keep my mind occupied at the moment so I was wondering if anyone could suggest some nice puzzle websites. I don’t like to Google things like that because you don’t always know what’s safe.

I’ve been enjoying jigzone.com a lot so any suggestions of things like that, or maybe word puzzles would be welcome.

I love pogo.com, there are a ton of games…puzzles, word games, card games, etc. And, the best part is each time you play a game, you receive tokens that you can exchange for entries into their cash prize drawings. I have yet to win, but, I still hold out hope :teehee:

My favorite games there are Word Whomp and Rainy Day Spider Solitaire. Also, you receive a “jackpot” spin at the end of whatever game you play, and, if you happen to land on the jackpot, you win the jackpot total for that game.

My stepdaughter’s nephew (she’s raising him) plays on this site all the time. Seems okay.

This is a Sudoku site that I like: Web Sudoku

My two favorite are jigzone and Shockwave. Do their jigsaw puzzles everyday. Shockwave has lots of free puzzles.

www.braingle.com has lots of different kinds of puzzles.

Do you like crossword puzzles?

Another Pogo player here. They also have Soduko, word games, and jigsaw puzzles in addition to Canasta, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. Some of my favorites are Payday Freecell, Everyone Wins Bingo, Rainy Day Spider, Bingo Luau, and Stackem.

I’m a fan of the classic Bejeweled.

By the way, if you are concerned about Google returning questionable results, there is a filter. Right next to the field where you type in your search term, you’ll see in small letters “Advanced Search”, “Preferences” and “Language Tools”.

If you click on preferences, it will take you to a page where you can tell it what to filter. It’s called “Safe Search Filtering”. It defaults to moderate filtering, but you can tell it to use strict filtering which filters both explicit pictures and explicit text.

Another Pogo player here. I’ve even won $10 in a jackpot spin once, but still hoping to win the big one so I can yarn shop to my hearts content.
If you like to download games to play offline then BigFishGames.com is a good place. They come out with a new game everyday. They cost 19.99 ea, but if you join their game club you can get them as low as 6.99 if you buy one a month for a year. I’m a big fan of the hidden object games and the mini games played after each level are getting more and more complex. The graphics are great as well.

Well, if you like oldies music and rebus puzzles, here’s a site with quite a few:


Start here:

(Third one down, for example, is Sh-boom…and now I can’t help it, I’m singing it out-loud!)

www.refdesk.com has a great puzzle section.