Putting pieces of a sweater together


Hi ladies and gents: I am a newly addicted returning knitter after a 40+ year absence. Because of time constraints - I work full time and also in school fulltime - I jumped back in and have had a wonderful experience relearning the hard way. The shower for the first grandchild is the end of this month and I am beginning to panic!!!

I am trying to do an adorable sweater with a duck on one side and on the cap from “Creature Comforts” by Amy Bahrt. After multiple attempts on the body of the sweater I am ready to join the back, front and sleeves together. - all that I read is clear as mud and not the way I would intuitively do it. Are you beginning to sense my problem??

So the questions are:

join the front to the back and then the sleeves?

Right side together or flat with RS up?

Do I “block” or press the pieces first?

I have my safety pins, tapestry needle, towel, Rowenta and prayers ready. I just need a bit of direction in plain language.

thanks so much - I do appreciate your help.


Have you already bound off the shoulders? If not, I’d do a three-needle bind off. If so, remember that for next time. :wink:

Usually with flat pieces, you attach the shoulders. Then you lay it flat, right side up, and attach the sleeves as they are laying flat. Then seam up the sides and down the sleeves.

I always use the mattress stitch, because it’s nice and invisible.

Blocking now or later depends on what the sweater is made of and if blocking the pieces will make it any easier to seam.

And by the way, welcome back to knitting and welcome to the Forum!

I appreciate your comments! I will try the 3 needle bind off next. I am so literal this time it is funny.

I have also learned to do the sleeves on the same needle so they come out the same length. Always next time.

I will try this tomorrow - now I will move on to a paper for school since I want to start fresh…well, maybe I will set it up tonight and then reevaluate in the morning so I have a head start.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Barb :happydance:

I’m just gonna tag onto this thread instead of starting a new one…

do we HAVE to join pieces by hand-sewing (the kirchner or mattress etc) or can we use a sewing machine?

I’ll have to check the Knitter’s Penal Code on that.

It’s your sweater, if you want to sew it on a machine, you can. I have bought sweaters that were sewn on a machine. The seam will probably be a little stiffer than a woven seam, though–less stretchy, if you know what I mean.