Purse? Tote? Bag?

I have trouble finding purses I like, and some of the best “purses” I’ve seen are actually knitted totes or bags. Has anyone ever used a tote/bag for a purse?

Sure why not? Most purses are too small, at least for me. I either don’t use one anyway, or for going to work, use a tote that’s got a book, knitting and lunch crammed into it.

Great Suzee! That’s what I mean. For work, I need a bigger bag, and maybe if I’m just going out to eat, I could take a smaller “purse”. I like the idea of the bigger bag for books, knitting, lunch. LOL…An all in one purpose bag.

I like the denim totes you can get at Hobby lobby when they’re 50% off. But of course you can knit one as well… :wink:

Sure - why not?

And if you have an Ulta where you are, you can get a free bag if you buy 2 of their bath products. (Like I just did).

I’m knitting a big woolen tote bag, roundish in shape. It’s all different colours of Galway and Patons wools, and could be felted, but I want it large! I am going to line it with the top of a pair of jeans. Built in pockets! If you go to knittingpatterncentral, there are tons of really nice tote patterns. I like to carry a large bag if there’s any chance of knitting time! Good luck finding what you want! samm

I’m a bag-a-holic- and I just use whichever best suits my needs and mood at the time!!! I’m often in public places like the subway or a busy Mall, and totes are an invitation for pickpocketing. So, If you are going to use a tote or generally opened top bag, you may want to include some type of closure such as a snap or flap, so as to deterr theft. or put the valuables in a smaller closed bag.

I like bags with lots of pockets so I can stash the cell phone etc without having to dig around in a cavernous pile of stuff at the bottom of the bag.

I love bags too! I have so many I use though. I have a backback for work, a big purse when I go out with one or two kids, a BIG tote for all three or a beach day, a booga with my right-now knitting, a tote for the volunteer stuff I do, plus the various totes and bags I cram various in process knitting in. It’s sort of overwhelming. And I’m trying to find a good felted pattern for something like Marykz described. That would be PERFECT!

I think you can definitely be creative with a bag–whatever works for you!