Purple Summer Dress

Here’s the little dress for Lexi (age 2). It was a 2 day job this weekend. I used yarn called Jeannee from Plymouth. It calls itself worsted weight, but seemed thinner to me. I hope the dress isn’t too small, but if it is, I have a spare great-neice who’s just 1 year old, so it will still be wearable. I added the shiny beads in at the chest and hemline - always popular with moms of little girls

Pattern :


One thing I wish I could improve: the pattern says to increase 10 times evenly across the row. I used the KFB increase, and each one looks like a little lumpy mistake. I have used the make 1 before, but it seems to leave a little mark too. Any suggestions?

Oh my…this little dress is just too adorable! :thumbsup:

Awww so cute! I bet she looks adorable in it!

Tres cute!

Very pretty dress. I love the colour :slight_smile:

Just adorable!

That is a lovely dress. Love the colour as well.

Sorry no suggestions for the increasing. I usually like to use M1 where you pick up the yarn between stitches and sort of twist it and then knit. Have you looked through the videos here I think there are a few different ways of increasing.

That little dress is just precious! Great idea with the beads. Love the color too.

My favorite increase when I don’t want it to show is the invisible increase. Here’s a link:

Very cute and such a pretty colour.

That’s cute. Keep up the good work.

Great little dress!!! :slight_smile:

Slim, thanks for the link to the invisible increase! That’s great to know :cheering:

That is so sweet, I hope it fits her cuz it’s just precious. I’m glad to see some increasing advice as well. I can use it too. LOL

It’s beautiful!!