I’ve been knitting for years, but a friend of mine suggested that I try new patterns. I agreed, and looked online. I noticed a majority of them involved purling. I know this is going to sound idiotic, but I get confused with where my yarn is. I understand people say “in the front of your work”, but what does that mean? Do I bring it over or under the needles? I tried both, but it ends up with a “double stitch”. Can anyone explain this in a way that I will understand? Thanks!

To change from Knitting to purling , you want to bring your working yarn under the needle, through with out wrapping the yarn around it. Go to You Tube and watch some videos on purling. Knitting one and purling one produces the ribbing that is usually on the sweater sleeves.

Bring the yarn between the needles to the front. (In this case front means the side of the work facing you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the actual back of your project.)

Does that help?

Thank you for trying to help me. Although I’ve watched many videos, I still end up with a double stitch. Is there anyway to purl without changing where my string is?

I don’t knit this way but flicking keeps the yarn fairly still and lets the needle do the movement.

Here’s also a demo of bringing the yarn to the front for a 1 x 1 rib that may help with the double stitch.

Which hand do you hold your yarn in?
Norwegian purl

I use Norwegian purl sometimes but it’s easy to have a yo where I don’t want it.

Guys!!! I figured it out. I was entering the right needle wrong. It’s all good now