Purling woes!

Hey folksies!

Im trying to knit a pair of booties for a friends baby, im using the patten from here:


Ive knit the first 12 rows and done the 13th row. But my issue is, I dont know how to purl :smiley: I can figure out ‘how’, but how do I start? Do I just start purling the same way I would knitting, or do I some how need to turn my knitting around or do it behind my head or something odd? I am at a compleat loss!

Any help or pointers muchly appreciated!
Thanks guys! hugs and squishes



here is the video link

but basically you just put the needle in through the front of the needle instead of the back. purling is slowing the knitting. its a little more awkward.

Thanks for that, I was just watching it as I was posting, but posted incase I couldnt figure it out xD My first problem, is that I didnt have the wool in the FRONT … instead of having it in the back like normal, worked well when I got it in front :stuck_out_tongue:

Now ive “purled” row 14, can I just start knitting row 15 like normal? Are the stiches where they should be? They wont be orientated differently and I dont have to work them differently to a normal knit stich?

Cheers again,

make sure you bring the yarn to the back and then start knitting like normal. it should be fine. and when you have to purl again bring the yarn to the front and begin purling.

they won’t be oriented differently or anything…just knit as you would do it to a normal knit stitch!
but do NOT forget to change where your yarn is positioned! make sure its in the back if u r knitting and in the front when u r purling…or you’ll get extra stitches out of nowhere!

Purling seems a bit daunting and “backwards” at first but you will get the hang of it. I PROMISE. If I can figure it out, anyone can. I still am much slower at purling than knitting (mainly cause I have to “think” about it still) but slowly and surely am getting better.

This site’s video on how to purl is EXCELLENT. HOWEVER, another site (in pix not video) but that I also found useful due to bright yarn and big needles used in real pix that enlarge great when you click on them (that I printed out and kept with me for a while to look at each time I had to purl and wasn’t near computer to see Amy’s video) was the following:

For continential knitting: http://www.vickiehowell.com/HowTo/Purl-C.html
For English knitting: http://www.vickiehowell.com/HowTo/Purl-E.html

Best wishes in your knitting endeavors. You’ll get the hang of it!

Hi there, I don’t like purling either. I have a cute bootie pattern, quick and all knitting. It’s on the Bernat website “bernat organic cotton knit booties”.