Purling Video under the Getting Started heading

When I clicked on the combination purl video the woman said she was doing continental. The video even looked like the Continental video that as posted above.

Is the combination purl video in the Combination or Continental style?

Fabulous website. I am new and know I will be back to this site many times.

Welll, combination might be called continental because the yarn is held in the left hand, but it can also be done with the yarn in the right, though that’s more rare. Combination style is really about how you wrap the purls, and knit the sts on the next row to avoid twisting, so english style knitters might also do combination.

I just watched both, and the combination vid is definitely combination, not continental. If you watch one vid, then the other, you can see that in continental, the stitch is wraped around the needle, from over to under, where as in combination, the yarn is just picked through, from under the needle to through the stitch.

Hope that makes sense.

I was not sure. I have been watching so many videos this past week. I think I am mushing the information all together.

Thank you for the help. I will go back, watch the videos again and clear up my thoughts.

Thank you

Yes, I sometimes get the video’s all mashed up together, too.

[B]My personal rule for video learning is:[/B]
Watch it, pause it, then do it. Repeat as needed. :slight_smile:

What I do is to have yarn and needles handy so I can start (or continue) a learning swatch. Heck, I’ve even taken a WIP and slid it to the cord of my circulars so I could practice a technique from one of Amy’s (KH) or other videos. Sometimes I even use the WIP and work the video technique then tink it out after I’ve got it planted in my head and hands.

Oh, and I don’t generally tell anyone how many times I’ve done the repeats. I don’t want to make anyone laugh (or cry). LOL