Purling People

I am a beginner at knitting and taught myself how to knit with the videos on this site. I am just so confused on purling! I just don’t know what to do or where to go when I see Purling in a pattern. Is there some trick or tip anyone can tell me??? HELP!:knitting: :heart:

I had a hard time learning the purl stitch too, so don’t feel bad. It took me like 11 years or so to get it lol.
Anyway, first of all, you want to make sure that your yarn is on top of the needle instead of on the bottom part like you do with the knit stitch. Now, instead of inserting your needle from back to front, you want to insert it from front to back. You’re gonna want your yarn to be on top of the needle with the stitches, behind the stitch that you’re working. Now, when I do my first purl, I like to hold the yarn there with my index finger. Then, you’ll want to scoop that yarn underneath the stitch, and onto your working needle. Then, of course, you let the stitch that you just worked slide off the needle. I hope that this helped you some!! Good luck!! :slight_smile:

You need to put your yarn in front of the needle so it’s toward you. Then insert the R needle into the first st from back to front, the tip points a bit to the L. Wrap the yarn around it the same way you do for a knit st - up over the top to the back and under to the front again - then draw the new loop through the old st to the back. It may feel odd at first, but just takes some practice like it did with the knit sts. Did you look at the purl videos here, and at knitpicks and on Youtube? They can help you see what’s happening.

I don’t know if this will help or not, but what most people describe as “from front to back” for a knit stitch makes more sense in my head as “from left to right” and for the purl stitch, you’d put the right needle into the loop on the left needle from right to left. Does that help at all?

I suggest finding as many videos as you can, on this site and youtube, and watch until you find one that works for you. It took me 3 hours this morning to find a video to learn how to start basic crochet. Even some that had high reviews and others recommended, just didn’t work for me. I had to keep going until one clicked! Don’t give up, keep trying. It DOES get easier, and that’s when it really starts to get fun. :slight_smile: Good luck.