Purling on dpns?

I’m now doing the ribbing k1, p1 on the dpn’s for the end of the sleeve. How do I purl between needles?? It works out so that I’m doing that on one of the needles. And I can’t make it work.

Can you move the purl stitch to the previous needle so that you can begin on a knit stitch? I do that a lot. But you can purl the first stitch. Be sure the yarn is in front and purl it like any purl.

I think I got it now. When doing a 1x1 rib on dpns do the stitches look kind of loose while working? I make sure I keep stitches tight but it looks like it’s so loose - I’m hoping this will look better once it’s BO!!

Did you go to a smaller needle for the ribbing? Ribbing will look big (you might call it loose) if it is on the same size needles that the st st was done on.

Darby, are you making these sleeves in the round starting with them joined to the shoulder and knitting to the cuff? I guess it doesn’t matter if they are attached or not for this tip. I have found that when you do a cuff that ends with a bind off rather than begins with a cast on that I like the look best of the sewn bind off rather than a regular bind off. It isn’t hard, and I like it a lot better.

I have been feverishly making baby socks for a friend and the pattern I am doing has a lot of purl and p2 and some p3 so I feel your pain! It always seems harder to do the first and last stitch on every needle…