Purled when I should have knitted

Hi all,
I’ve been working on a “thing” for a fund raiser art auction for over a month now. I call it a “thing” because it’s smaller than a blanket but bigger than a baby blanket, so I’m not really sure what to categorize it as. The whole this is an experiment/ learning project for me as I’m using a lot of techniques for the first time on it. The border is a combination of garter stich and cable and the inside “picture” is stockingnette with garter lettering of the “Donate Life” logo. Here is my latest progress picture:

well, a few nights ago I was knitting at 1 am (much too late for this gal) and accidentally purled a row of one of the garter sections. This is what it looks like like now:

My questions is do I have to just make peace with the way it is now and maybe add a few more lines of purl in this section as I work the pattern up so it doesn’t looks so much like a mistake, or is there a way to fix it 4 rows down?

Thanks :hug:

I know two ways to fix it without ripping back all those rows.

I would work to the green section where the mistake is and drop those stitches down to the last right row and then with whatever needles that will work (I prefer DPN because they’re easier to handle in this situation) just redo the stitches in each row being careful to use the correct yarn strand.

Alternatively you can drop them down one stitch at a time and use a hook or needle tips to work each stitch back up.

Either way you will probably have to tweak the tension in the stitches but should be able to get it done satisfactorily.

I’d call it an afghan. :wink:

I’m with GG on this - have had to do it more than once :roll:

In this case, I’d use a crochet hook and work one at stitch a time - I find that keeps things more under control and also keeps the tension better

This looks so great! Your cables are lovely, each and every one.
You could make this part of the pattern or you could repair it, either will work.
If you decide to repair, I’d do only this section,a row at a time just because it’s garter st.

thanks for the tips. When you say “drop down the stitches” in that section, do you mean pull the stitches out of that section only? Also I`ve used intarsia to switch colours down the rows. Will that affect how i can drop the row/ stitches? thank for the advice. im still very much a beginner. :slight_smile:

Yes, you only need to be concerned with that section of stitches. Only the ones above the mistake and the ones that started the problem would be taken loose. I don’t know about the color change being a problem or not.

If you’re reasonably confident that you can get the stitches back on the needle to rework them, I think in this case it would be easier. However, if that thought gives you shudders and cold chills and naseau then do them one column at a time. I’m looking for a video, I know I 've seen them, but can’t find one. I’ll keep trying.

This shows for fixing a cable pattern but the drop down and capture the stitches is the same. http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2013/11/29/fixing-mistakes-in-cable-knitting.aspx

You’re a beginner? I’ve seen some of your knitting. It doesn’t look like beginner knitting to me. I guess that goes to show how little some terms like beginner really mean. We all learn different things at different times, that’s all. Your cables really do look fabulous.