Purl with yarn in back

Does anyone know of a video of this somewhere online? I’ve seen a friend of mine do this to make even ribbing, but I’ve yet to find an explanation that I could make sense of.

:?? :??

There is a way to make ribbing more even by wrapping the yarn the opposite way than a normal purl, but I can’t imagine how you’d purl with the yarn in back.

I’ve been fiddling with it too and I can’t figure out what she was doing. I really should have asked her to teach me, but I was so busy with finals that I didn’t get a chance. And now she’s in Chicago for the month.

The whole business is very head-scratchy. :??

Is she purling throgh the back loop, maybe?? :??

check out the norwegian video in the purling section.

Yeah, she purls through the back loop with the yarn in back. I’m going to check out the Norwegian video and see if that looks like what she was doing.