Purl VS. Knit

I’m a beginner & trying to learn how to knit. I know how to do the knit stitch (at least I think I do) and went to learn how to do the purl stitch. Is the main difference between knitting and purling is that when you knit a stitch the yarn is behind you & when you purl a stitch the yarn is in front of you?

Yes, the yarn position is different for the purl stitch than it is for the knit stitch … but there is also a difference in how you insert your needle into the stitch being worked. Check out the video page on this site … there are great videos on how to do both stitches, and usually seeing visually how it is done is the best way to figure out how to do it properly. :thumbsup:

There are two main differences - where the yarn is and how you insert the needle into the stitch. For the knit st, you poke the R needle from the front to the back (where the yarn is so you can wrap it around) and on a purl st you poke the needle in from the back to the front (where the yarn is so you can wrap it). Do check out the videos as well.