Purl through the back loop?

hi ,I’m Chava , would anyone know what does t2Lp stand for ? I’m working on a chart with diamonds.How do I purl into the back of the 2nd stitch?

Hi Chava and welcome!
You can do T2Lp (a twist stitch) with a cable needle to make it easier.
T2Lp: Sl next st to cable needle and hold to front of work; p1 from left needle, k1 from cable needle.
For purl through the back loop:

Does your pattern say to work the purl stitch of the T2Lp through the back loop?

Sorry to interject here, but this video shows put into the NEXT stitch not the second stitch — although I am not knitting this, but just interested, you would just go down another stitch and do the same thing wouldnlt you?

Yes, the video just shows how to purl tbl. The T2Lp won’t necessarily have the second stitch purled through the back loop unless this particular pattern says to do it that way.

One way of doing the T2Lp is to use a cable needle which will give the same effect as the twisted cable. For the twisted cable you would ignore stitch one, work the purl tbl into the second stitch as in the video, but don’t try to drop the stitch off the left needle. Go to the first stitch on the left needle, knit it and then drop both sts off the left needle.

This video shows the left twist with two knit sts (not the purl tbl) but it gives you the idea of the twisted stitch cable.

This site I really should have been here years ago. I really miss my mum …I remember her showing me how to knit. I lived 20/ mi!es away and only saw her once a week and if I dropped a stitch I would have to wait until I saw her for her to help me…,.that is until I learnt how to pick up stitches myself. The sweater I have just knit is alpaca and in two strands and I had to check every so often that two strands were being used. Happy days though I saw her laugh at me learning …

You were lucky to have such a wonderful mom and teacher nearby. So many of us learned from our mothers or grandmothers. (I learned from someone else’s mother.)

Yes, you do have to check when you knit with two strands held together. It’s not hard but you have to be careful, as you say. We’d love to see your alpaca sweater.

I will show you when I have finished but just ordinary. Wish I had photographed the two mohairs though, one I had put Scottie dogs round and icicles round the other. I made the patterns up myself and the did the pictures on graph paper. You have to really have to concentrate don’t you but fun I haven’t any idea whether she wears them though!!!