Purl stitch

Quick question…When you purl, I know you put the working yarn to the front and wrap around. Does it matter which way you wrap around…clockwise or counter clockwise?
Thanks all!!! :XX:

Had to think… I do it counter-clockwise. I don’t know if you knit english or continental, but here are the videos.

I’m counter-clockwise, too.

LOL…working needle in the right hand…i think that is english lol.
Thanks everyone!!! :thumbsup:

Wrapping the yarn clockwise would require you to work that stitch through the back loop on the return row to untwist it, so yes it does matter which way you wrap.

Nope, you can still knit continental with the working needle in your right hand. It has to do with what hand you hold the yarn in. English is right hand, continental is left hand. :wink: