Purl stitch trouble

I just tought myself to cast on, do a knit stitch, and bind off. Tonight I sat down with my book to learn the purl stitch. I’m using the English method (that’s what is in the book). I’ve viewed the video on this site. I understand how the stitch is done, but every time I try to bring the thread through, I either don’t catch it at all OR I catch only a part of it. Then I end up with a “split thread” on the right needle or no loop at all on the right needle. I’m not sure I should try the Continental method. All of this is new to me within the last week and I don’t want to confuse myself! I was hoping you would have some tips. I’m frustrated right now, so I’m going to put it up for the night.

I’ve heard a lot about purl being more difficult when knitting continental so I don’t think switching now is going to make it any easier.

Like anything else, it takes practice.

Make sure your yarn is in front, put your needle in the stitch from right to left so your right needle is in front of the left needle, bring your yarn over the top of the right needle and bring in down and through the hole.

If you’re doing all that, then it’s just a matter of practice.

Ingrid is right - you should probably stick to english style if you’ve already gotten used to it with the knit st. either way is akward at first. i do sort of a quasi continental-throw style knitting/purling (affectionately known to my friends as weirdo style), but that’s how i taught myself so that’s what i’ve stuck with. Traditional continental I could see making purling very difficult, I’ve tried a few times but keep going back to my weirdo style.

one thing i started doing when i learned purl stitch…kind of hard to describe… I wrap the yarn over the needle to purl the stitch. Then I hold the working yarn down taut below the needles and out a little with my thumb as I pull the loop through. That extra tension helped to keep the yarn from slipping off and also kept my needle from piercing the yarn and catching only part of the strand. The only problem with this tip is that you may end up knitting too tightly like me :wall:

good luck and keep practicing. you’ll get it in no time!

Thanks for the replies!

After I posted last night, I watched the videos a couple more times and finally figured out my problem. Would you believe that my problem turned out to be the way that I was holding my needles? I was holding my left needle on an angle, almost vertical but not quite. When I held it more horizontal, I had no problems! My daughter was watching me and she got all excited when I finally got it right! :cheering:

:thumbsup: Good for you. Remember that there are millions of knitters in the world–you can’t possibly be the only one who’s missing something!

It took me longer to get the hang of the purl stitch, so I feel your pain. The LYS lady who gives me advice told me that purling in Continental is more difficult than purling in English, can you imagine that? :thinking: