Purl 2 tog tbl

Help! How do you purl 2 tog tbl? I’m just not sure which way to throw the thread before and after I put my right needle into the back of the next 2 stitches???

You insert your needle from the back to the front of the stitches with yarn in front, then wind the thread anti-clockwise around the needle.

Wrap your thread around the needle the same way as for a regular purl stitch. The right needle is going to enter the 2 sts from the left toward the right. There’s a video for p2 tog tbl on the Glossary page that may help. Scroll down to p2tog tbl

I just learned this from the video while knitting my cardigan… definately makes me appreciate how easy k2tog is ;o)

Oh yeah! After learning p2tog, I really love love love love love all other decreases!!!

I had to learn this one through the videos in the Glossary here, as you end up putting your needle through those 2 stitches in a funny way. The video turned out to be the only way I could figure out how to do it without adding any yarn overs.

The trick is that you have to grab those 2 stiches’ back loops not 1st stitch than 2nd stitch, but 2nd stitch then 1st stitch (with the stitches numbered right to left as you look at the front of the project). Then you just purl them together.

This gives a nice twist to your decrease.