Purchasing yarn online or through ebay & other silly que

My DH & I were surfing the net tonight. He found some bulk yarn on ebay for cheap - wool for the felting purse DD fanatic. He also found Knit pics. Has anyone purchased wool or other yarns online?

I’m a begginner - at best. My daughter is well into intermediate. We have one local yarn store (aside from the chains - walmart & micheals). The local is so darn expensive that I can’t justify the $$$.

Also - I’m going to try my hand at dishcloths (to wash with) but don’t know what type of yarn to purchase for those and have yet to find a pattern I love!

DD wants to do a craft store with her bags & purses in November. I figured I’d plug out a few scarves & some simplier things.

Being a lefty knitter - I’m only as far as knit, purl & drop-stitch.


knitpicks is a sponsor here and is well loved by many for their great prices and good yarn, needles, and other goodies. if you purchase through the link on this site Amy gets a kick back to help keep us in bandwidth! :wink: I have a shopping cart waiting for me to hit the button right now even. :thumbsup:

I have purchased some yarn on ebay but it was well known brands or stuff that just looked too good to pass up. i am careful about who i buy from but that goes for any ebay purchase.

Hobby Lobby has Sugar n Cream on sale this week for 99 cents. perfect for dishclothes. i have to stay away cuz i buy it for it’s cheap price and THEN remember that i don’t like knitting dish clothes…lol. that’s just me though. i think most people around here do like them…especially for the ability to test out new stitch patterns and such with them.

umm…i think that is all the input i have. :smiley:

Bummer, we don’t have a Hobby Lobby!

I need a simple dish cloth pattern - as I’m still a beginner!!!

Thanks for the info on knit picks.

lots and lots of dish cloth patterns here. and even if there are things about it you don’t understand, there are lots of people (and of course videos) to help you figure it out!

You can find sugar and cream at Michael’s or JoAnn’s or Peaches and cream at Walmart. They’re the best for making dishclothes and aren’t too bad for summer tops. They get softer with washing.

Knit picks has wonderful yarns and also check out elann.com. They have name brands discounted and their own brand is very inexpensive which you find by clicking on the Mill to You button on the left side of the front page.


Michael’s had Sugar n Cream for $1.00 a ball when I was last in there about a week ago. It was on one of the end aisle displays.

Hi Julia
I’ve never purchased yarn from Ebay, and I don’t think I ever will. Too many wonderful online stores I guess. Knit Picks is evil, :roflhard: . Just kidding, they are so wonderful my computer goes there by itself and buys things. Surely it’s not me. :wink: They have a great new needle set and Shine is a wonderful yarn. Lots of people use the WOA yarn for felting projects too. I started with dishcloths, good way to learn lots of stitches.
Nikki, another lefty

Being a “lefty” knitter is not a handicap. I am a lefty. I knit English style (yarn in my right hand). I can knit as fast and have learned as quickly as any righty. So don’t sell yourself short! And, since you knit and purl… you can essentially do everything else!

I have purchased and sold yarn on ebay. My experiences have been good thus far. With ebay, I never pay more than what I can get it for, including shipping, on www.yarnmarket.com. I find there prices pretty good.

What she said!! I’m also a leftie and I knit English style. Just keep at it and you’ll be knitting like crazy in no time!

Thanks everyone! I found the dishclothes - Oh My, there are some fancy dishcloths there. I think I need a knitting dictionary :roflhard:

I knit off of my right needle, I hold the yarn and working needle in my left hand. I’ve tried it right handed so many times & its the most awkward, frustrating thing I’ve ever done! So I stick to scarves that I can just make my own pattern up, then I don’t have to try to read a pattern backwards!


I would caution you about buying yarn on ebay…99% of the time I have had great experiences there but I did get “burned” one time. I got the wool yarn (no brand name) that I thought was going to be great for felting, but it turned out to be kind of a crappy, itchy more rug yarn. If you do ebay just look for good feedback and if you have ANY question about the description, be sure to ask.

For even more dishcloth patterns go here… http://www.jimsyldesign.com/~dishbout/kpatterns/knitting.html
and you won’t need a stitch dictionary because I think most of them are on those six pages. And when you run the mouse over the little diamonds for each pattern link, the pattern shows up in the middle window. Way cool!


For fun you can join Monthly Dishcloths Yahoo group - we do 2 KALs a month. Link is in my sig file.

Check out the Mason Dixon KAL: http://masondixonkal.blogspot.com/

Any 100% cotton would work for dishcloths. There is also Lion Brand Cotton at Hancocks - they have sales occasionally.

Cheap wool can be found on eBay, but you might want to wait until you know more or buy name brands. I second the Elann recommendation.


Just piping in to say that Michaels does price match and take competitor’s coupons (originals only- no computer printed ones). So, if you see something you like at Hobby Lobby, take the ad to your Michaels and they’ll price match it! (It has to be the exact same thing though- no Yarn Bee or stuff Michaels doesn’t have!) I think Wal-Mart does the same too, but you can’t self-check out :frowning: