Puppy Hat/Beanie

I have seen a beanie that has cat ears, does anyone have a similar pattern but with puppy dog ears? My daughters are 2 years apart and very competitive. One of them has requested a kitty hat and the other a puppy hat and I definately can not knit one and not the other. If I were more experienced I might try to convert the cat pattern to a puppy but I am fairly new to knitting and I can’t quite bring myself to stray from a pattern, yet.

Thank you for your attention,

only one i could find. http://www.wildstitches.com/products/productlist.asp?CategoryID=LPB&Category=Little%20People’s%20Boutique

Thank you for looking. I may have to give that one a try but make it larger, it would be for a 9 year old.

Thanks again,

What about using the Kitty one you have, change the colour and just make the ears longer by adding 1 or 2 inches before starting shaping for point?? :think:

Ya know…that is quite ingenious. :thumbsup: I was weary of altering the pattern because I was thinking I would need to alter the shape not the length. I think I will do that since like I said, my girls are very competitive and it has to be as equal as possible or someone will complain. The same pattern would be as equal as I could get. Thank You! :cheering:

Happy to help.
One other thought, i wonder if longer ears might tend to flop over.
Maybe need some support to keep them standing?