Punky patterns

im trying to find punk (and relatively easy) patterns for anything really. something small like wristbands, hats, socks that have punk styles (think hot topic) i wanna start with my Xmas gifts now n my frinds are punk n goth people. if you know of any, please tell me

Check out the newest www.knitty.com

the magazine knit1 is pretty funky… the first 2 issues have lots of cool/punk/rocker type things in them. Also, have you looked in stitch and bitch? there’s some cute things in there–just remember to check the website for pattern corrections!!!

Glampyre has a free Felted Bag With Skulls pattern. If you didn’t want to knit the whole bag, you could use the skull chart on a smaller project.

It shouldn’t be too hard to punk-ify a pattern - that feeling really has a lot to do with colours. You could take a basic sock or mitten and change the whole feel by knitting it with high-contrast stripes of varying lengths and incorporating some bold fair isle/intarsia work.

you could always take a pattern that you like and make it punk. i remember reading an article on knitty about turning an image into a stitch motif using your computer.

Edit: here it is http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/FEATsmartchart.html

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Your goth friends might enjoy something like these:


omg, thank you all. i LOVED every single one of those ideas. they were all great, my friends r gonna be sooo jazzed this christmas

OOH! Found another one! I would have killed for these when I was seventeen:


man, i think im gonna make some of this stuff for myself first, AND then the Xmas gifts, yeah, im greedy like that lol