Punch embroidery

does anyone do this? my dhs grandma just gave me a bag of the spools, patterns, and hoops, and the dial-a-loop needle. everything i will need to get started. :mrgreen: i practiced on a ‘holly hobbie’ pattern she had started ages ago. its a neat craft, never seen it before, so i googled it. seems the company kinda recently went bankrupt :frowning: but i figured i could probaby use any acrylic yarn to sub when i run out, as long as its fingering or dk weight :shrug: so got a punch embroidery FOs?

I have never done this, but have heard of it. Maybe this website will be able to help:

That’s so cool that you got everything you need to get started !! I always find the start-up costs for all my new craft hobbies can get expensive. A lady in my knitting group has been doing punch embroidery lately (apparently it is making a come back) and making some beautiful pieces. I will e-mail her and ask her where she buys everything…of course she own the knitting shop where my group meets

Have fun