Pumpkin Twist Headband (aka Mock cabled headband)

I made this headbandthis weekend. I only had a small ball of this pumkin orange yarn and I REALLY like it, so figured I’d give this headband a try. I changed it a bit in that I made ties on the ends of it so that my daughter and I can share it. I like the wide headbands that most would call ear warmers, for me they’re “curl tamers”, heh heh! I never wore headbands until I started knitting them for myself and they actually fit!


That’s really pretty, Amy!

What a great look! You look beautiful!

Very nice! Great way to use up that little bit of yarn you love :thumbsup: I love the look of wide headbands - wish I could wear them…they tend to slide off my head :frowning:

Very nice job! Looks good and I agree it could double as an ear warmer!

I was having that problem until I started making them narrower (or, as in this case, with i-cord ties) at the back. They stay on much better!!

Nice job! What a great way to add a bright splash of color to an outfit! :cheering:

I read something on a pattern that mentioned using puff paint on the inside of a headband like this to help it stay on. Worth a try!

Thanks for the suggestion…i currently have to use a barrette to keep it on :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks great! I love the pumpkin color too!