Pullover Help!

Alright guys, now I’m working on this:


and I’m totally confused with this part:

"[B]Shape neck[/B]: Next row: K14

(15-17-17-19). K2tog (neck edge).
[B]Turn[/B]. Leave rem sts on a spare
needle. 15 (16-18-18-20) sts.
Dec 1 st at neck edge on next
2 rows, then on every following alt
row to 10 (11-12-12-13) sts."

Now the size I’m using calls for me to cast on 58 sts for the front…does it mean that I should K17 K2tog all the way to the end of the row? And how am I supposed to end up with only 18 sts?! HELP! :??

Hi Babyduck87,

The 18 stitches are your “knit 17, k2tog”

You then pretend your at the end of the row,
turn your work and knit back again.
But before you start knitting back, put all the stitches you didn’t get to (after your 18) on a stitch holder or spare needle.

So now your knitting back to the side edge.

Then you knit back to the neck edge and decrease again.
Turn it around, decrease again, then knit back to the side edge. (So that’s your decrease for next 2 rows)

Then you just decrease on every second row.

For now, you’re just ignoring all those stitches which came after the 18.

Hope I didn’t make that too complicated.

Best of luck! :wink:


Thanks for the help, that makes total sense…I don’t know why it cant understand it straight from the pattern! :slight_smile: