Pullip Surprise!

A couple weeks ago I got hooked on Pullip dolls. My step-mom got me one for my birthday and I just LOVE her ! Her name is Rida and I think she’s all the rage lol.

Here’s the 1st outfit I have made for her.


How adorable is that? :cheering: Great Job!!

:roflhard: That is awesome!!! I love it.

I want one!!! (Where do you get those dolls?) Nice outfit! :thumbsup:


She’s very kewl.

She’s just so hip! Love it!

That’s TOTALLY adorable!
Her outfit looks great on her!
Nice job.

Pullips are like japan’s version of bratz. Mine came off of ebay. Just go to e-bay and type in pullip doll. There are tons to choose from.

You can also get them here: www.pullipparade.com

They have some there, but I think e-bay has the most variety.

By the way… i’m not sure if you can get them in the states. I saw that Amazon had one.

Your doll is too, too cool & her outfit is divine :wink:

That top is perfect for her. She has such a “with-it” attitude. I keep thinking I’m gonna see her do the motion for “talk to the hand”. :smiley:

LMAO!!! I’ll take one of her doing that later today and post it!!! That is a too funny idea lol

Talk to Rida’s hand lol !!!

How cool is that! Thanks! I think I’ll put that one on my desktop. Too funny! :roflhard:

OMG!!! I am so honored that you put her on your desk top !!! You have made my day :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!

She is just too cute!! And so is your post subject…I only just “got it”… :oops: [size=2](I’m so slow.)[/size]